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5 powerful tips to maintain business momentum

5 powerful tips to maintain business momentum

Now that we’re drawing to a close on the calendar year, the next month or so might be a good time to take moments from 2020 and build on that business momentum for 2021. Remember, it’s also important to celebrate your successes!

Twenty-twenty has been an ‘out of the ordinary’ year for people the world over. Students to retirees, healthcare and domestic workers to politicians and large corporate CEO’s to small business entrepreneurs have all needed to adapt their way of working as well as their way of living.

What will you focus on to keep up the high level of energy in your business?

Building business success in 2021

Embrace greater flexibility

According to the third phase of research conducted by McCrindle on the impacts of COVID-19, three in five Australians are looking for continued flexibility. They are looking for a hybrid approach with their working arrangements incorporating both working from home and in the workplace. This amount of time in each environment will vary from industry to industry and business to business.

Review your 2020 business changes

Have you adopted new business practices in 2020, such as aspects of operations or customer experience? Which changes worked well? And if they didn’t work so well, why not?

You may find that you are having difficulty in maintaining your customer experience to the level that you’d like or you’re not quite able to focus on operations. You may need to bring in a professional service team that can help to streamline your processes and free up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Look at efficiencies adding to business momentum

We tend to focus on the aspects of business that we most enjoy. Is there further room in your business for changes specifically around improving efficiencies? Or you might feel some help with marketing or sales efforts would be beneficial to expand your customer base.

Overall, driving momentum and setting your business up ready for even greater success in 2021.

Consider your own workload prioritisations to maimise momentum

Consider how you have spent your time over the last 11 months.

  • Was your time management tested this year?
  • Have you found yourself spending more time on admin?
  • Have you needed to manage with fewer staff?
  • Has this led to conflicting priorities?

Reflect on what practices have best worked for you. By considering these points (and others), you may be able to identify how you could work in a less reactionary way moving forward.

Hold yourself accountable

To build momentum in business, the recognised foundations for the continued health of your business are your health, knowledge, relationships and character.

Once you have formulated these areas as part of your review of both your 2020 success and challenges you need to make your promises public:

– your flexible working practices, 

– considered efficiencies and business changes, 

– your workload prioritisations.

Business momentum moving forward

Instead of drafting a plan and filing it away, make your changes ‘publicly’ available. Put your projects and relevant parts of your overall plan on the “wall” (project software) for your team to see. As a result, you can build momentum within your team relationships and foster greater confidence.

With remote working set to continue more broadly due to the pandemic, continuing to build momentum into 2021 requires additional consideration. Under these circumstances, communication mediums and self-development are important factors to consider.

Best practices founded through the challenges of 2020 must be built-in from the start of 2021.

How can you continue incorporating power into your business into 2021?

On Point Support is happy to discuss any outsourcing and business support needs for the  upward momentum of your business into 2021.

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