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Have latest changes led to that overwhelmed feeling?

Have latest changes led to that overwhelmed feeling?

You may be experiencing that overwhelmed feeling with some recent easing of COVID-19 measures meaning different routines. There may be elements of back to the norm
but also the need for further change in many cases.

As well as in your personal life, further changes may be required in the workplace and business operations. These adjustments may add to what you have on your plate, increasing the feeling of being swamped. And, as a business owner, you may have taken on more responsibilities in your workload over the past few months. At times finding yourself performing a juggling act to meet demands.

Some of the more positive lifestyle habits you may have focused on will stand you in good stead. These habits could include exercise, mindfulness meditation, getting some sun or a healthier diet, to name a few. We don’t need to talk about the number of visits a day to the fridge during lockdown.

Potential areas for change

Changes across numerous industries and workplaces may need to be implemented or continue to be re-assessed with the easing of restrictions. Here is a list of some possible variations:

>        Offices – implementing formal measures for working remotely or putting measures in place if employees are spending more time working in the office

>        Other workplaces – assessing for any further modifications to be made

>        Customer service – consider if any other changes should occur in this area which will also result in an improved customer experience

>        Procedures and processes – is this an appropriate time to review what’s in place?

>        Supply chain – monitoring, changing or re-instating relationships with suppliers

>        Travel – measuring the cost and level of risk and potential liability as an employer to meet business needs

>        Budget – making any additional adjustments at this time, e.g. due to increased costs or different needs in some areas.

Implementing change to reduce that overwhelmed feeling

Implementing changes generally adds time to running a business and may impact efficiency. And can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Some changes will have had to have been put in place quickly, and some aspects of change may be able to be adopted for the future. Variations could be utilised in the case of some procedures, for example.

Getting started to help avoid feeling overwhelmed

Above all, don’t overdo it to avoid feeling overwhelmed – allow some time and spread the workload around where you can.  A To-Do List or Weekly Planner can help, and then prioritise each task. Don’t be afraid to put pen to paper.

To get started on a task, take a deep breath and see if you can finish it if it’s a smaller task. If not, take a break or walk away for a minute or two and come back to it.  You might need to ask yourself ‘Is there an easier solution or way?’

For tasks that you know will take longer, one option is to schedule a certain amount of time on several occasions over a period to get the job done. The time of day working on these tasks will depend on when you feel you can focus on them at an optimum level.

If you’re working to a deadline, need to focus on a more significant change in your business, or you’re feeling ‘a bit stuck‘, you may look at outsourcing. This arrangement could be on a temporary or ongoing basis. On Point Support’s virtual assistant services may be able to support your business in some areas.

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