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How to best handle those sensitive interviews for client testimonials

How to best handle those sensitive interviews for client testimonials

Client testimonials are valuable at any stage of business. As an example, would you like to start or continue to obtain client testimonials as part of your marketing? Or gain client feedback for more current testimonials?

Then there are several factors to consider before conducting those important interviews.

How to obtain client testimonials

Certainly, one excellent way to obtain client feedback is by engaging a third party to conduct the client interviews on your behalf. Additionally, discussions can also develop these clients’ relationships by further building trust with you and your business.

As a rule, you know which clients you’d like to speak to or are your ‘happy customers’ from your dealings with them.

However, the more challenging question might be, “are you comfortable having this conversation with them as the business owner providing services to them?’”

Alternatively, do you generally have such a busy schedule making it difficult to conduct interviews in a reasonable timeframe.

A third party is unbiased and unknown to the client. As a result, allowing for a business-based (or less emotional) conversation. The interviewee may also feel more relaxed.

Having established the relationship, you would play the role of discussing the possibility of being interviewed and obtaining permission from them. Then have another party conduct the interviews to get feedback on their client experience.

Client interview selection

You might have certain aspects you’d like to incorporate in the interview discussion when selecting who to interview for instance. Some happy clients may also help your business in ways as well as confirming your business provides high-quality expert service.

Namely, one reason might be that you are looking to build experience in an industry you want to provide services in your specialty.

The interview itself

For example, with client interview skills, a more in-depth discussion is likely by a third-party interviewer.

And an experienced third party can potentially glean more from the feedback obtained for use in testimonials and other marketing purposes. Interviewees can provide some great more natural language wording that you can’t wait to use!

Remember, you are obtaining feedback to build your credibility and trust with your target audience. However, there is no obligation to use all input received. If there is any not-so-positive feedback or other points made, this is important for you to consider addressing or use when considering future business decisions.

Which client testimonial type?

The types of testimonials you may like to consider early on for your business review and social proof down the track include:

  • quote,
  • case study,
  • audio or video,
  • website page,
  • blogs,
  • social media.

Just be clear with your client which testimonial type you’re seeking permission to use their feedback.

Jenny Benedek has experience in research involving high-level professionals to customers, visitors, members, the Australian public, and other stakeholders.  Further, helping On Point Support clients in this space means she is well-positioned to manage client interviews for your business.

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